the anecdotal christian


You may have a preconceived notion what a God Story might be.  You could think that those types of interventions only happened in the ancient days.  Or, you may think that if they do occur now, God Stories that is, the experiences only happen to people who are really good or are very ‘religious’ or they only happen to folks who are more deserving than you or even people like you.
Could you be one of a few who actually believe themselves worthy of being able to have a God Experience that could be translated into a story but continue to wait for it to happen. Odds are you have probably already had a number of these encounters but didn’t recognize them for what they really were.
If you only believe that there is a God that does exist then you have to also believe that He is still on the job, so to speak.
A good place for you to start seeing what God Stories are all about is right here.  Hover over the GOD STORIES menu tab on the top of this page and select a story or two to read from the drop down menu that appears.  Or, go to the FRONT DOOR tab, click on it to see the blog page here at The Anecdotal Christian and check out some of the God Story videos.
Post a comment to let us know how its going.  One day, when you get to a place that you want to share one of your stories so it can be posted for everyone to learn from and enjoy, email the story to us.
Be Inspired and please send this site and its stories and posts along to your friends.

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