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How can anyone listen to this God story without a tear…


We have little dogs and they have to be professionally groomed from time to time…yesterday was one of those times.  The gal that does the cutting had recently been on vacation and coming in for the dogs’ appointment I asked her how her time off was.  She told me that the first 3 days of her vacation were spent in the hospital.  This was a reoccurrence of a lingering problem she has with some type of an acute and rare form of ulcer that robs her body of blood.  She was in for more tests and to be transfused.

She was upbeat though as is her normal self and said in passing that she had told God to cut her some slack because she had things to do and was not yet ready for heaven.

I left thinking about how I could help but as I drove home the Holy Spirit made it quite evident what He wanted me to do by putting on my heart that when I went back to pick up the dogs…I needed to pray over this woman.

Ahhhh…OK…and how is that going to happen with a salon full of people and me only having a one day every 4 months type of a relationship with this gal.

Time came for me to pick up the dogs…and I walked in.  The little salon was hopping with business since folks had been off from work with the end of summer vacations…and time waits for no man when it comes to dogs needing to be groomed.

As I was being handed one of our guys I said to the groomer something like…”…so when would be a good time for me to pray with you about your ulcer..?”  Much to my surprise she said..”how about right now?”  even though there was a dog standing on the cutting table waiting his turn with the scissors.

“Alrighty then..” I said as she told me there was someone next door who she also wanted to join in and with that she led me through a door that adjoined the suite next to the salon.  We entered into an interior decorator’s front office and a woman stood up to greet us.  She was introduced to me as a “prayer warrior”.  And with that I simply announced that we needed to get God onboard to help heal this gal and we put our hands on her shoulders and my words began.  Simple straight forward words as I called on the Holy Spirit to come and join with us as we asked God to help heal.

There was a definite presence in the room as the groomer began to breathe more rapidly and felt the need to fan herself with her hand and pat herself on the chest.  The prayer was short and in less than five minutes from time we left I was back to picking up the dogs and telling everyone in the salon goodbye until next time.

Is she healed…I don’t know is the real answer.  Will she be healed?  That’s not my call.  I was just asked to be obedient to what I was asked to do, He allowed that to happen without any turmoil and without any type of rejection…and now it’s in His hands.

We are only asked to be obedient in cases like this…the rest is for Him to follow through with according to His plan.  I have to be good with that because it sure is a privilege to pray over someone and also to do what I was told.


PS:…..last week I had to take the dogs back in for another grooming session…I wish there was a good way to keep their hair from growing but since there isn’t it gave me a good reason to see my friend the groomer again.  She had the biggest smile on her face when she saw me and after we exchanged some pleasantries I asked her how she was doing health wise.

Still smiling she said that there had been no loss of blood since the day we had prayed together and that she had no other effects.  I then asked her very slowly…”…so who do you think healed you?” I was trying to give her plenty of time to see the question coming and to be able to weigh her answer to what she knew I would be asking since the second she saw me come into the shop.

“Jesus did !” she almost screamed…”Jesus healed me !”

Yep, that was the right answer.


after reading the little story above this song has a lot of meaning


I submit…add your words – change a heart


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