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And this site is about what?

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This site is about us…you and me and anyone else who passes by.  Its main objective is to encourage and to give each other Hope.  The tools that we’ll use to do this will be our stories.  Not stories about when your Aunt Agnes washed your mouth out with soap because you said something that she thought sounded inappropriate.  And this isn’t a travel log site. So, unless you can encourage people who are searching to find confirmation in their lives with a story about where you went last summer and what you did and how your life was changed because of it, just keep it to yourself.  And don’t post the pictures of the trip either…please.  If you want to talk about your cute pet and how fluffy little Fluffy really is…ahhhh….no.  That would be the cute pet site down the street.

What being an Anecdotal Christian is all about boils down to one major thing…reading and writing God stories.  HANG ON…HOLD THE PHONE…DON’T GO ANYWHERE FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD…PUT THE MOUSE DOWN AND LET ME EXPLAIN.

If what you want to do is read some good stories and find them entertaining, inspiring or maybe even comforting?  Well then…that’s OK…and we’re glad you’re here and we want you to come back at anytime to read all you want. (Just please tell your friends about us too.)

Or you may be someone who thinks that God has never shown up in their lives…except for that one time, when you were really sick, and somehow you got better even though the doctor said you’d be in for a long rough patch of it.  Or back a few years ago when you were unemployed and needed some money to cover outstanding bills or take care of a very ill child and you somehow came into the exact amount you needed from a new found friend or a long lost uncle.  Possibly, you had been searching a long time for a life partner but getting a bit older you had pretty much written off the prospect. You thought you’d live the rest of your life alone…but one day, very unexpectedly, there she was…or he was…and you met and fell in love.

I could go on but you get the point.  Guess what, if you can even semi-relate to any of those scenarios, then you, my friend, have a God story to tell.  But first of all we need to adhere to Rule Number One…the word “coincidence” is furthermore banished from ever being used on this site.  And, Rule Number Two is…always obey Rule Number One.  There ain’t no such thing as a coincidence.  With life things happen, as we know, and as Christians to believe that things happen by coincidence removes God from the picture entirely.  And that’s never a good thing.

I just want you to feel comfortable in writing your stories and letting all of us enjoy them and be inspired by them.  For those who may be a bit timid just send me the stories and I will edit them for you…with or without your name…because actually,  the names are not important.  How the circumstances of what happened impacted you and how it affects others is very important though.  That and to be able to look to God as the one who gets the credit for the outcome will accomplish what we need for us all to be confirmed and increase our hope in the challenges that life brings our way.

When you email the stories remember to give enough detail to set up whatever history is needed for the reader to get a good grasp of what was going on and then write the story as if you were telling it to a friend.

Our God stories are as important and relevant in reinforcing our personal relationship with our Father as any of those told in the past.  These stories reveal how He is alive and well and caring for us as individuals as well as collectively today.

Send me your stories and join our community of Anecdotal Christians. I look forward to reading them and passing them on for others.


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