the anecdotal christian

I Saw God Today

Any parent who ever gazed through the hospital’s nursery room glass window at their new born and didn’t cry needs to have their parent merit badge taken away for a week.  Reason being if you can’t find love wrapped up in a little blanket with closed eyes and a pink nose then you need a heart transplant for sure.

What about God as a parent…what does He feel when looking on me as His child?  Even though I’m far from being snuggled down into a nursery bed He still cries for me.  He loves me…and just like the baby seen through the glass…I couldn’t have earned that love if I had to.  It’s freely given.

Looking through that window a parent may say that he has seen God today as a way to describe what it feels like to stare at his new baby.  But what does God see when He looks at me…when He says ‘I saw John today’…does He see a reflection?

Hopefully he sees a son that is worthy to be called ‘a child of God’… maybe a prodigal but I am still His son.


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