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She’s just an Angel (part 2)

Don’t mind her, she’s just an Angel (part 2)

So who was the blonde nurse? I really don’t know but to further explain about who she wasn’t I’ll need to give you some interesting facts on the back story.

My business was in real estate at the time John got the stick up his nose. Not only was I building and remodeling but I had also started my new home inspection/consulting practice. As a part of the business I knew and met many different real estate agents from all over our area. These were the people I depended on to help sell my houses, provide leads for remodeling jobs or to allow me access to their clients for help with home inspections.

A couple of years before the stick episode I had met and was semi-friendly with an ERA agent named Kathy.

Kathy and I knew each other through shared friends in the real estate business and she worked for a broker who was a guy I had gone to college with. Kathy was a rather attractive blonde herself. She had a husband who was some kind of a doctor. To that point, with us just knowing each other professionally, that was about all I knew about the two of them.

I learned later that Kathy’s husband’s name was Wayne and he was a trauma surgeon. The guy behind the desk when I came into the emergency room with Dr. Bob who had originally told us about the spinal fluid condition with John, that person turned out to be Wayne.

It was a year or so after the stick situation that I actually met Wayne face to face at a cocktail party. This event was something that he and I had gotten dragged to. He was there to support his wife and I had to be there to support my business. It was some real estate thing.

Now fast forward a couple more years.

During those days I did several home inspections everyday. There was this one particular day that I went to an inspection. My client, the buyer, was out of town and so I was at this house to represent his interests and to do the inspection by myself. I always encouraged my clients to come to their inspections but sometimes that’s just not possible. This was one of those times.

I rang the bell and when the door opened, much to my surprise, there stood a six foot man dressed in blue jeans and a tee shirt. He was barefooted and looked more like a stay at home dad than the doctor he really was. It was Wayne, the ER doctor.

“What you doin here?” I asked as he shook my hand and motioned for me to come into the house.

We walked back into the house and went towards the kitchen. “I’ve been expecting you…Kathy and I sold our house, I even sold my emergency medicine practice at St. Vincent’s. Yeah we’re packing up and headin back to Kentucky where we’re originally from.”

“But why are you here?” I asked again.

“We rented this house. Kathy found it. Our house sold so fast that we needed a place to stay just while we got things ready for the move back home, and now this ones fixin to sell. Seems like a karma thing telling us to get out of town.”

“Whatever…good to see you again.” I was now in the kitchen beginning my inspection duties.

The house was fairly new and, as much as I hate to say this, it was pretty easy to inspect. I completed the inspection faster than usual and so with a few hours before the next appointment of the day Wayne and I sat down to catch up with each other’s lives. We hadn’t been in the same room or even talked in a couple of years. He was pretty bored in the house by himself so he welcomed the company. I had an open agenda item that I needed to talk to him about. So maybe this was less of a karma thing and more of a God thing.

We remembered each other from the cocktail party. Until this chance meeting we never had an opportunity to talk through the events of that day when the Foxes had descended on his ER practice. I was sure that he would remember because we were the parents of the kid who had a stick up his nose.

Since ours was one of those stories or events no one involved was soon to forget, when I asked him if he remembered the day he said “of course I do”. He even said that since the day it happened that he’d actually thought about it a couple of times.

We talked about the spinal fluid and he kind of recalled that situation. He told me about how they had a litmus type of a test for that so they could do an instant evaluation in emergency cases.

He talked about remembering us and our son and how tragic it was for a child to have that sort of trauma and how glad he was that it turned out well. He remembered me and how our paths had continued to cross since that time. He also said that Kathy had told him a couple of our ‘inspection stories’ through the years..whatever. (Seems like almost every inspection I did had some sort of story attached to it.)

As we continues to talk through what happened that day at the hospital I figured he had a pretty good handle on the facts so I asked him the $64,000 question. I tried to set the question up so he would better remember those days and even possibly his ER staff members. But of course our conversation was not going to end without me asking…”So Wayne, who was that good looking blonde nurse you had running around the ER back then?”

He sat there on the living room sofa looking very puzzled, “What do you mean?” he asked. “We didn’t have a blonde nurse. We didn’t have anyone on our staff who was blonde.”

“Are you sure?” I continued…”we were approached by this smokin hot blonde who”…and I told him the whole story about how she had come in and told me to ‘follow my heart’.

And with a very sobering look he slid forward on the sofa while looking at me square in the eyes and said, “John, I know for a fact that there were no blondes in or around my emergency room. Kathy forbid me to hire any girls that were blonde…techs, staff, nurses whatever…you know Kathy but you may or may not know this about her, she is one jealous lady.”

He was serious and, actually, I hadn’t known that about Kathy. I did know that I believed what he was saying. We talked a bit more about life in general but God had provided the opportunity for me to get the explanation and closure that I was looking for. So with that being the final word, I got up, wished him well, shook his hand and walked out of the house never to see him again.

No blonde nurse, really? Then who was she and where had she come from? I choose to believe this:

Psalms 91:11-12

11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

12 On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone…

…(or put a stick up your nose).


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