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Your God Story

by Ginny Edwards International on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 8:58am

This note is adapted from Gary Wilkerson’s Newsletter , “Seizing Your God Story” –  all credit goes to him for this great word of encouragement!


When this newsletter came in my mail yesterday I was immediately drawn to the title.  I love “God Stories”, and I know He gives them to us.  He’s given me plenty.  And I love how Gary describes a God Story:

  • It’s an event that can only be described in terms of God showing up to act on your behalf.
  • It has a positive outcome made possible only by God’s clear intervention.
  • That outcome can only be explained in terms of God’s power and love.
  • There’s a complete transformation of circumstances, events and people – all made possible only by God.

Wow!  Imagine a story like that.  Gary goes on to describe that no matter how bleak things look right now in your life, there is a “God Story” taking place in the midst of it.  Anyone who loves and trusts God will see this happen, even though there may be delays and pain associated with the situation.  Then Gary goes on to describe what God does for you when you’re facing the impossible:

  1. God has unlimited resources to provide for your lack.
  2. By His intervening power God enables the weak to overcome all odds stacked against them.
  3. God provides a last-minute victory when defeat seems certain.
  4. God doesn’t give partial victories but total triumph.

I see so many people today who are depressed, in despair about situations in their lives, and who are hurting deeply.  So they turn to drugs, alcohol, food, unhealthy relationships, etc. for comfort.  But that “comfort” isn’t real, and it’s a far cry from healthy.  It’s so easy to forget that we serve a big God, and He is well able to turn our current hardship into a beautiful “God Story”.  A story that brings Him glory and a story that takes your breath away.

If you’re hurting today, or if you’re facing a mountain that just doesn’t seem to want to move, I hope this word encourages you to dig deeper into your relationship with the One who loves you best, and the One who is writing a mind-blowing “story”, just for you!

Be blessed,



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